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CALB 230Ah LiFePO4 Cells for Purchase

$241.50 per cell / $1.05 per Ah

With these CALB LiFePO4 you can trust that you are investing in a superior and quality driven storage solution. We make sure only the highest performing units make it to you. With every LiFePO4 battery undergoing rigorous testing at the factory you can trust that CALB sets the gold standard.


Capacity: 230Ah

Voltage (nominal): 3.2V

Max Continuous Discharge: 230A

Operational Temperature Range: -4° to 131°F (-20° to 55°C)

Weight: 9.26 lbs.

Dimensions (LxWxH): 6.85 x 2.11 x 8.58 inches

* It is very important to use a BMS to manage these LiFePO4 Battery Cells. We offer the Orion BMS.