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Emerging Energy | Lithium Ion Battery Systems

At Voltronix, a brand byAdvanced Powering Services, Inc., we provide Lithium Ion Batteries for Standby Power, electric vehicle and energy storage markets, Battery Management Systems and a variety of additional green energy solutions.

Our goal as a green, renewable energy provider: Reduce global emissions by offering the highest quality, affordable lithium ion batteries and battery management systems.

We use deep green energy sources for our batteries and associated components, backed by solid warranties consumers can count on. We proudly offer USA-based technical support for our lithium batteries, battery management systems, and more.

Our Core Competencies
  • Supplying Voltronix Lithium Ion Batteries
  • Supplying Battery Management Systems
  • Providing Complete Packaged Systems
  • Providing Engineering and USA-based Technical Support
Our lithium ion batteries are used in EVs not dissimilar from the Nissan Leaf, Fisker, CODA, Tesla, Via Motors, Sparrow, Corbin Motors, and other household names in the electric car market. But beyond these comparisons, Voltronix prides itself on bringing you the highest quality lithium ion batteries. In addition, our batteries support the Electric Vehicle Conversion Market including Mazda Miatas, Ford Rangers, Chevrolet S-10 King-Cabs, Porsche 356 Speedsters, Super Beetles, BMWs and more. Our true passion is helping the planet approach green energy in a new light – a light that is powered with lithium ion batteries! It’s imminently possible, and with your support and our dedication to you, our consumers, green power and a planet powered by lithium ion battery management systems will create the most ecofriendly form of power we’ve ever known.

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Our Voltronix Lithium Ion Batteries and components are used in the following applications:
Electric Vehicles
Energy Storage
  • U.S. Military Energy Storage
  • Renewable for Solar and Wind
  • Power Backup/UPS
  • Security Alarms