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Leading the charge for lithium ion battery systems.

Emerging Energy

Lithium Ion Battery Systems

Powered by sustainability.

At Advanced Powering Services, Inc. (APSI), we believe in making sustainable, clean and ethical energy easier to access. Founded in 2003, we’ve built our company and solutions with the single-minded purpose to reduce global emissions and power a cleaner future. Since then, with the acquisition of the Voltronix brand, we have dedicated our resources to innovating a high-quality, systems-approach to lead-to-lithium electric UTV/NEV/ATV conversions that deliver the uncompromising performance to our customer’s need with minimal impact on our environment.
We’re not on this quest alone. APSI is honored to work with partners and customers across the energy market to bring the promise of eco-friendly, high-performance lithium ion battery systems to life.

We engineer quality, innovation and ethical practices into every product.

Quality Control

Our stringent quality control practices ensure consistent voltage, amp hour and impedance with every battery cell.

Rigorously Tested

We put our lithium ion battery systems through rigorous tests to make sure our products perform above industry standards.

Always Innovating

We invest heavily in R&D to bring our customers the latest leading technologies that maximize the capacity of every lithium ion battery system.

Our Clean Commitment

In addition to our zero-emissions, low-impact lithium ion battery systems, we also implement an ethical recycling program to keep our products out of landfills.