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Power your next project with performance.

Make the switch to clean-powered, long-lasting, high-performing lithium ion battery systems.

With flexible sizes and configurations, our lithium ion battery systems are the ideal fit for a wide range of vehicles, systems and projects. Explore our selection of field-tested and customer-approved products here.
Longer Life
Our lithium ion battery systems outlive and outlast lead acid battery systems, with an average estimated lifespan of 10 to 15 years or 3,000 - 5,000 cycles.
Lower Cost of Ownership
Our lithium ion battery systems offer more cycles for a longer run life than acid lead battery systems, which also means fewer battery replacements — saving you money and time.
Our lithium ion battery systems provide more energy density in a smaller system that’s up to 60% lighter than lead acid battery systems. This increases range while allowing for more flexible installation.
No Maintenance
In addition to being zero-emissions, our lithium ion battery systems require zero maintenance. With no need to add water to the battery systems, you’ll minimize corrosion and the need to replace battery systems as frequently.
Constant Power
With less wear-and-tear on electrical components, you’ll see more consistent run time. Our lithium ion battery systems also charge quickly, and aren’t affected by partial charging. With a low self-charge rate, you can store them worry-free and know they’ll be ready to perform.
Clean and Safe
Our lithium ion battery systems produce no noxious gasses, fumes, toxic chemicals, noise or pollution. They also come with a Battery Management System (BMS) that protects from over-charges, over-discharges and short circuits for added safety.
Easy Installation
Our lithium ion battery systems are Plug-and-Play, meaning they are drop in ready. Installation is easy.
Battery Management System
Our lithium battery systems include a battery management system that protects from over-charge, over-discharge, and short circuits for added confidence and safety.
U.S.-Based Support
Our high quality, competitively priced lithium ion battery systems are backed by superior U.S.-based support, installation and service from a knowledgeable team with national and local expertise.
Full Five Year Warranty
We offer a full five year transferrable warranty on our cells and a one year warranty on our workmanship and BMS. No registration is required.

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Battery Management System (BMS)

Every solution we design includes a Battery Management System (BMS) for the life of the battery pack. Ideal in harsh environments or for use with extremely large battery strings, our BMS keeps you connected to the intelligence you need to:
Monitor parameters and reporting errors
Diagnose issues locally as well as remotely
Determine the best action to take to prevent battery failure
Analyze battery cells during charge and discharge for optimal balancing
Prevent overcharging
Shunt off current to keep battery systems balanced

How We Ship Our Products

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