The Voltronix team has been helpful in dealing with international logistics, has provided us with comprehensive test reports of all cells, and has kept us updated at each step in the manufacturing and delivery process.
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Regardless of what green energy options you’re looking for, from lithium ion batteries of any kind, battery management systems of any size, large format lithium ion batteries, or any other green power option, we have your bases covered. Review the product options below. If you any questions, you can always reach us by phone at 866-777-2329 or send us an email at

Available Battery Sizes in Ah (click links for data sheet PDF)
  • V18650
  • V26650
  • V38120
For more info, email us at or call 866-777-2329.  
For more info, email us at or call 866-777-2329.  
For more info, email us at or call 866-777-2329.  
Battery Management Systems and Monitoring Systems
The Battery Management System (BMS) provides two critical functions for the battery systems: One is monitoring parameters and reporting errors to a head-end system. The head-end system can then determine the best action to take to prevent battery failure. The other function is battery balancing. The system will analyze the battery cells during charge and discharge to determine which batteries to bleed off current. This prevents overcharging and allows the other batteries to balance; battery balancing is done by shunting the current off via heat. This method of balancing is best for harsh environments and very large battery strings. It prevents the complexity and problems associated with current shuttling.
Electrical Specifications:
  • Operating Voltage: 3.2 – 18V
  • Operating Current: 100mA with shunts off
  • Shunt Current: 1A per cell
  • Shunt Power: 4 Watts per cell
  • Voltage Resolution: 0.10V
To inquire further about our Battery Management Systems & Chargers, please use our contact form, e-mail us at or call our Technical Sales at 866-777-2329.
Features Include
  • Battery voltage reporting
  • Battery temperature reporting
  • Battery balancing
  • Each board is autonomous in balancing and can operate independently of other boards
  • Complete pack balancing at the cell level
  • All cells can be connected in one communication string
  • Isolated communication channel (UART, I2C, or CAN_BUS) Optically isolated output for optional error shutoff without head-end