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Delivering performance from day one.

From the start, Voltronix has been meeting the need for longer-lasting, higher-performing batteries. In the push to electrify semi-truck fleets at the LA Port, OEMs struggled with batteries that had high fail rates. Our company’s founder delivered the reliable lithium ion batteries the manufacturers needed, and Voltronix was born. From there, we began providing our batteries, Battery Management Systems, and exceptional service to electric vehicle companies and energy storage providers nationwide. Since our first days at the Port, we’ve doubled our sales every five years and continue to expand our reach.
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Discover the APSI Advantage

Why choose APSI for your lithium ion battery systems?


In the more than 11 years we’ve been in business, APSI and Voltronix have sold thousands of lithium ion battery cells — with a replacement rate of less that 1%. Because we batch cells in production runs, we’re able to ensure consistent voltage, amp hour and impedance with every cell, every time. You can be sure the system you get matches your exact requirements.


We rigorously test every lithium ion battery cell for amp hour, voltage and impedance, and are happy to provide test reports on request. Backed by superior warranties, our lithium ion battery cells perform above industry standards.


While relying on our lithium ion battery systems for uncompromised performance, our clients and partners have come to rely on our USA-based service team for responsive, personalized and knowledgeable technical support.

& Insight

Our lithium ion battery systems come with Battery Management Systems (BMS) that provide on-demand insight and reporting into critical functions including cell charges and discharges, cell temperature and condition monitoring to ensure balanced cells and safe, fail-proof performance. We also employ optically isolated communications channels (UART, I2CAN, CAN-BUS) for enhanced safety even in hazardous areas.


Our Research & Development department continually invests in the latest and emerging technology that enables our customers to embrace the future of alternative power. As a result, we deliver highly efficient lithium ion battery systems that offer additional hour capacity in every cell.


We are committed to advancing lithium ion battery systems that are safe for people and the planet they inhabit. While providing a simple, effective clean-energy alternative, we also implement an ethical battery recycling program that ensures our products stay out of landfills.

Explore our lithium ion battery systems.

Built with our proprietary, industry-best power management system, our lithium ion battery systems come with optional heater blankets and a remote asset tracker for on-demand reporting and diagnostics. We offer a wide range of capacities and configurable form-factors to meet our customers’ varied and specific needs.