Rock your boat with lithium ion battery systems.

Electric watercrafts are the wave of the future. Now you can enjoy all the leisure and thrills on the water — without the noise, fumes, pollution, or hefty gas prices. With long-lasting, eco-friendly lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery systems, you’ll be able to maximize the advantages of an electric marine vehicle without compromising any of the performance. From wakeboards to yachts, fishing boats to sail boats, electric to hybrid — our LiFePO4 battery systems deliver more range and power for all types of watercraft.


The Speed You Need

When you want to get out of the hole fast, our LiFePO4 battery systems deliver the punch and dependable power to quickly get up to speed.

Expand Your Range

Stay on the water from sunup to sundown — or even longer — with our expanded range and longer life.

Less Maintenance

Built to last, our LiFePO4 battery systems minimize corrosion and wear-and-tear, which means lower maintenance costs and less stress for you.

Lightweight Champion

With exceptional energy density, our LiFePO4 battery systems deliver big power in a lightweight battery system that won’t slow you down.

Quick Charging

Our LiFePO4 battery systems charge quickly and easily so you can get back out on the water faster.

Good Clean Fun

Our LiFePO4 battery systems are a smart way to protect the environment and preserve the water, with no fumes or pollution — while still getting the performance and thrills you want.

More Power To You

With plenty of power to go around, our battery systems run your lights, A/C, devices, and other accessories.

Temp Tolerant

Durable LiFePO4 battery systems withstand harsh temperatures and conditions, so you know they’ll continue to perform in just about any weather.

Safe Storage

Our battery management systems monitor and ensure balanced discharge and charge for safe storage and operation.