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Zero Emission Vehicle Credits Background More than a dozen states have embarked on a new program to encourage the sale of more electric vehicles, and you could be benefitting. These initiatives, known as ZEV programs for Zero Emission Vehicles, require the major OEMs that deliver a minimum number of electric or hydrogen-powered vehicles. And these percentages increase in future years, placing more of a burden on OEMs to get more EVs out in the market. In California, for example, OEMs are required to sell an estimated 1.5 million ZEVs per year by 2025, an ambitious target by any account. For OEMs that cannot generate enough ZEV sales in a particular state, they can buy “credits” from other companies that supply ZEVs to those states, such as Tesla. Nissan, which sells the Leaf, has also gotten into the ZEV credit market also. Manufacturers with annual sales greater than 60,000 vehicles must produce and deliver for sale in California a minimum percentage of ZEVs for each model year as follows:
Model Year Minimum ZEV Requirement
2010-2011 11%
2012-2014 12%
2015-2017 14%
2018 and on 16%
The ZEV credit was pioneered in California and is generating millions in revenue for EV manufacturers. Reports have indicated that Tesla earns as much s $30,000 per vehicle through the sale of these credits to companies like Honda that are struggling with getting enough ZEVs into the market. In fact, the sale of ZEV credits is in large part what makes Tesla marginally profitable. According to Bloomberg, Tesla made $119 million selling ZEV credits in the first half of 2013, about 12 percent of all its total revenue. What We Can Do For you If you sell qualified electric vehicles, you too could be generating these ZEV credits. The eligibility requirements differ from state to state, and we can assist in determining where an EV manufacturer could quality to generate and sell these credits. The process for registering a ZEV credit is long and cumbersome and involves setting up a registry account in the state. Each state has different rules and different price points for the ZEV credits. Each state will also have buyers will varying requirements. Voltronix and its partner Carbonomics can cut through the bureaucratic morass and help EV manufacturers generate ZEV credits quickly and efficiently – while also finding a buyer and helping to complete the transaction. Voltronix and Carbonomics will provide this service at no up-front cost. We will take a commission and therefore only get paid if we are successful in selling a credit and making money for your business. We would undertake all tasks necessary to apply, generate, issue and sell ZEVs in California and other states with ZEV programs. We will prepare all documentation, have discussions with state environmental officials when required, open registry accounts, and ensure registration and issuance of credits in full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. We will also find a buyer for your ZEV credits, advise you on the key contract terms, and maximize the amount of money that can be earned for each credit. We’ll jump through the hoops so you won’t have to! For more info, contact Seth Baruch by phone at 202.236.5253 or via email at