Nothing will compare with your off-road EV with the high quality, high power, low weight and zero maintenance of the Lithium Ion battery upgrade from Voltronix, USA Inc. I'm coming up to 1,000 miles on my Voltronix powered 2015 Polaris EV and it is nothing less than a Pennsylvania hunter's dream machine.
Larry Gerhard, PA

Electric Vehicle Conversions

BMW 1969 Model 2002 (Plug-In Electric)
Long Beach, CA
Products Used: 32 Voltronix LFP160AHA, 3.20 Volt, Lithium-Ion; year converted to Voltronix: July 2009

Originally installed flooded lead acid batteries, but the customer had to replace the lead acid every 2-4 years and with the reduced weight using the Voltronix Lithium Ion cells, the range was increased without a single cell failure since 2009. Voltronix Lithium Ion batteries are clean and can also be installed sideways for custom applications. This application has batteries in the engine compartment and in the trunk in two racks, replacing the spare tire and gas tank. Replaced Lead Acid batteries with 32 Lithium Ion Phosphate batteries, 14 in trunk, 18 in engine compartment.

Porsche 914, Electric Car
San Diego, CA
Products Used: Voltronix lithium-ion phosphate batteries – 36 200AHA batteries

An ongoing quest to convert a 914 into an all-electric vehicle. After 2 years and 22 thousand miles, added a chill plate to controller and use water cooling, which makes the controller run much cooler. Had been using a large heat sink with a fan to cool the controller but there were times when the controller got up to 70C. Used a small radiator with fan used on computers to cool the controller and it works great. No need for an automotive grade radiator to water cool your controller.

1991 Acura Integra
Products Used: Voltronix lithium-ion phosphate batteries – 45 160ah Li batteries

The goal is to build an EV with satisfying seat-of-the pants performance and range sufficient for anxiety-free use as a daily driver. For various reasons, a 1991 Acura Integra was chosen. The mission milestones, in rough order of priority:

  • Remove obsolete ICE related equipment
  • Install AC75 conversion kit
  • Install 144v Lithium Ion battery pack
Products used: Converted internal combustion engine (ICE) to Voltronix Lithium Ion

For years, DeLorean Motor Company of Texas has been reconstituting John Z. DeLorean’s vision. The Delorean is poised to make an electric comeback in 2014.