I choose to work with Voltronix because their team is very attentive to details and makes sure all transactions occur properly. They always answer the phone or call me back promptly.
Joseph Gottlieb
Electra-City Motors

Quality Control

Voltronix offers consistent production every time. Our quality control ensures consistency in voltage, amp hour and impedance for every production run. We ensure the batch runs meet your cell count for each battery pack configuration per application which assists in pack balancing, pack charging and pack cycle life. Our batching production run reveals consistency in voltage, amp hour and impedance for every application.


Voltronix tests every single green lithium ion battery for amp hour, voltage and impedance, and can provide test reports. We offer value added services, including USA-based tech support and ecofriendly lithium ion batteries above industry standards with superior warranties.

Our highly efficient lithium ion batteries offer additional amp hour capacity in every cell. You won’t find that in any other lithium ion battery company.

Battery Management Systems

The Battery Management System (BMS) provides two critical functions for the battery systems: One is monitoring parameters and reporting errors to a head-end system. The head-end system can then determine the best action to take to prevent battery failure. The other function is battery balancing. The system will analyze the battery cells during charge and discharge to determine which batteries to bleed off current. This prevents overcharging and allows the other batteries to balance; battery balancing is done by shunting the current off via heat. This method of balancing is best for harsh environments and very large battery strings. It prevents the complexity and problems associated with current shuttling.
Electrical Specifications:
  • Operating Voltage: 3.2 – 18V
  • Operating Current: 100mA with shunts off
  • Shunt Current: 1A per cell
  • Shunt Power: 4 Watts per cell
  • Voltage Resolution: 0.10V
To inquire further about our Battery Management Systems & Chargers, please use our contact form, e-mail us at info@voltronix.com, or call our Technical Sales at 866-777-2329.
Features Include
  • Battery voltage reporting
  • Battery temperature reporting
  • Battery balancing
  • Each board is autonomous in balancing and can operate independently of other boards
  • Complete pack balancing at the cell level
  • All cells can be connected in one communication string
  • Isolated communication channel (UART, I2C, or CAN_BUS) Optically isolated output for optional error�shutoff without head-end
Download Battery Management Brochure

Research and Development

Voltronix worked with the University of Arizona to commercialize a disruptive electrode technology for existing batteries in electric vehicles with the long-term goal of solving the problems associated with EV batteries. The result was considerable improvement in charging rates, storage capacities, safety and production costs as compared to other nano-technology batteries currently proposed.   For more information please contact us at info@voltronix.com.
Thank you to Voltronix for your work in helping us gain approval for Proof-of-Concept (POC) funding through the University of Arizona’s technology transfer unit, Tech Launch Arizona (TLA). The POC funding is designed to help research projects move beyond the hurdles that present serious risks to investors. In our case, the hurdle we need to get over is to fully characterize the performance of a full battery made with the nano-structured electrode technology of UA08-083 in terms of charge rate, charge capacity, number of cycles it can take, and its thermal characteristics (thermal runaway has been a problem for Li-ion batteries). With your domain expertise, we were able to craft a project that will provide commercially meaningful results, which is exactly what the POC funding approval committee wants to see.
Amy Phillips Senior Licensing Manager University of Arizona

Ethical Recycling

At Voltronix, we commit to help reduce global emissions by offering the highest quality, best value lithium ion battery technology and associated components. Building on this environmental commitment, we are pleased to be able to offer the Voltronix Lithium Ion Battery Recycling Program. We are excited to manufacture and supply clean-tech products, and to do as much as we can to help our clients with their environmental impacts. By offering a recycling program for the Voltronix Lithium Ion batteries used by our customers, we complete the “cradle-to-grave” circle for clean products and provide a clean alternative to the standard landfill disposal. Our recycling program will be included at no charge to our customers.
Thank you for your continued support to help promote a clean environment! For further information about our lithium ion battery recycling program and/or to discuss the environmental advantages of lithium ion batteries in general, please either use our contact form, email us at info@voltronix.com, or call our Technical Sales on 866-777-2329.