TransPower has been using Voltronix USA batteries since 2012 and has been very pleased with their quality.
Michael Simon
TransPower President/CEO

About Voltronix

We are proud to announce that Advanced Powering Services (APSI) has completed its first strategic acquisition of Voltronix ™. As part of the merger, APSI has hired both Brennan Patrick Beach (Founder of Voltronix) as APSI Corporate Development Officer and Alfonso Alvizar as a Senior Product Development Engineer. Both Brennan and Alfonso bring over 11 years of experience with Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery technology and implementation. Since our start in 2007 it has been the goal of  Voltronix to make it easier for customers to implement green energy solutions that support the alternative energy response to an ecologically unsound world. Since 2007. Voltronix strives to reduce global emissions with our green energy lithium ion batteries-with affordability in mind. We simplify the selection and integration of market-leading large lithium ion batteries and other green battery products, including lithium ion battery management systems and more. We deliver a high quality, competitively priced green energy solution backed by superior USA-based lithium ion battery management support with a full understanding of your technological and engineering needs. The Voltronix focus on sustainability is authentic, and that’s why we only bring you the most ecofriendly lithium ion batteries and support to use the green battery management systems. Our superior products live up to our name – the Voltronix brand offers batteries that increase battery productivity far beyond what our competitors can claim.
Our Lithium Ion Battery Systems and products and services include:
  • Supplying lithium ion batteries from 10Ah up to 1000Ah, including cylindrical with Voltronix battery technology
  • Designing battery packs custom-built to specific applications with Battery Management System (BMS), chargers and related components
  • Providing technical support and service with local competency and expertise based in the USA
Beyond what we offer in lithium ion batteries and management, green energy products and support, our brand has an entrepreneurial spirit-we identify with the people we serve, and understand your desire to create a greener world. That’s why we support our small business friends in the renewable energy markets, and our colleagues busy installing residential solar power systems. We’re proud of our industry reputation for helping other ecofriendly startups and smaller operations reach their green goals with electric vehicles, photovoltaic systems, and other solutions for renewable energy-something our planet needs, consumers are eager for, and larger industry names are finally embracing. For further information about our lithium ion or BMS battery products, or to discuss your technical requirements, please use our contact form, email us at, or call our Technical Sales Team at 866-777-2329. We look forward to serving you. Let’s make a greener world together!